Oyster Dried Mushroom

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Oyster Mushrooms Named For Their Oyster-Like Shape And Color, Provide Dietary Fiber, Beta-Glucan, And Other Ingredients That Are Used To Treat A Variety Of Health Conditions & May Help Boost Immunity, Cardio Health & Have Anti-Cancer Compounds.


1,550.003,550.00 (-56%)


Oyster mushrooms or ‘dhingri’ are commonly grown in temperate and tropical forests. They grow on dead and decaying wooden logs. These are small, glossy, and slightly shriveled edible fungi.

When fresh, Oyster Mushrooms are soft, with a chewy texture, and have the shape of an oyster. With delicate and savoury flavour, fresh oysters taste slightly like seafood.  However, the too strong and pungent smell indicates the mushroom has become unfit for consumption.

Oyster mushrooms are great even when they are dried. When dried, they turn snow grey to brown color and have scallop-shaped caps that range from button to sand dollar in size. In addition, they have a soft and fragile texture along with a mild and sweet flavor.

Oyster mushroom is a rich source of antioxidants. Along with polyphenols and selenium, it also contains ergothioneine, the master antioxidant, which is unique to mushrooms. These are consumed both fresh and dried.

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Oyster Dried Mushroom

1,550.003,550.00 (-56%)

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